Who We Are

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."

-- Margaret Mead

Living Bridges is held by two women-led ventures: enCOMPASSion Foundation, a Section 8 company, held by Manasi Saxena, and Connext Coaching, a sole proprietorship held by Ranjitha Jeurkar. Both organisations have as their founders Certified Trainers with the Center of Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). 

The Living Bridges Team is Aditya, Pranjal, Ranjitha, and Manasi - who exist in an ecosystem of support. While there are four of us in the Coordination Team, there are many people who come together to make each programme possible. The project itself has operated as a bridge, a meeting point of people all looking in the same direction, coming together to contribute their time, energy, and willingness to dream of a world that works for everyone.

Aditya Prakash
Aditya Prakash

"My time with this project has taught me valuable lessons about conflict, trust, my own needs, communication, and human interactions that I aspire to take into my life. What excites me about Living Bridges is that we are making Nonviolent Communication accessible to many, and bringing its learnings and uses into social change spaces."

Have you ever written to the [email protected] ID, and received a quick response that holds both warmth and clarity? The voice behind the email is of Aditya Prakash (Design Researcher at Quicksand Design Studio; Living Bridges Coordination Team, enCOMPASSion). As the Participant Coordinator for Living Bridges, Aditya's focus is on ensuring that each participant is engaged with and supported through their journey with us. Aditya also designed the first Living Bridges logo, which has also shaped our current visual vocabulary.

Pranjal Tiwari
Pranjal Tiwari

"What excites me about Living Bridges is that we are practising being bridges and curating a learning space for others who'd like to connect across differences. To make change self-led, self-development must be accessible—and I think it's pretty cool that we can offer that!"

Pranjal Tiwari (Consultant at Coverdale; Head of Human Resources, enCOMPASSion) is a mediator and facilitator. Pranjal has a background in political science and international affairs, topics that he still follows closely. Having worked in the social development sector before, Pranjal aims to bring the principles of nonviolent communication in social change so that change is self-led.

Ranjitha Jeurkar
Ranjitha Jeurkar

"I was drawn to the Living Bridges project because it helps me stretch from the internal and interpersonal application of NVC to working towards social impact."

Ranjitha Jeurkar (Certified Trainer, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Founder, Connext Coaching) lives in Bangalore, India, where she shares NVC with individuals and organizations. Ranjitha began her career as a communications professional, and for the last six years worked in the non-profit sector, in the space of mental health awareness. She brings her skills from both of these spaces to the work she does now.

As Founder and Sole Proprietor of Connext, Ranjitha also helps co-anchor this project alongside enCOMPASSion, and brings her clear vision and insight to our communication, our vision and direction, and a deep focus on making social change doable."

Manasi Saxena
Manasi Saxena

"I've been a part of this project since its inception, and I find deep delight and joy in how this project has grown and evolved. I dream that Living Bridges can demystify the path of nonviolence, sustainable changemaking, and to make visible the natural links between inner and social transformation."

Manasi Saxena (Certified Trainer and Board Member, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Founder/CEO, enCOMPASSion) is a learning facilitator whose focus lies around the intersection of spiritual/personal growth and social change/community development. She works closely with communities at the grassroots, to foster paradigm of sustainability, collaboration and resilience through community-driven social change.


Our Network

Ruchika Shukla

(Language and Flow)

Nidhi Agarwal

(Language and Flow)

Alisha Khan


Sanjana Nath

(Website Design)

Pankaj Niroula

(Web Development)


Living Bridges was originally conceptualised in 2017 by Duke Duchscherer, Jeannine Suurmond, Neil Howard, and Manasi Saxena, and held by  enCOMPASSion. We acknowledge that many hours of work and thought went into bringing this into life and deeply personal journeys led to the Project taking the shape and liveliness it has taken in the last two years. 

Since October 2021, Living Bridges has received the invaluable kindness and support of a number of facilitators from across different fields. We deeply value the support we’ve received from all of you. We have also been held by our community of friends, followers, fellow-practitioners, and family members unwittingly roped into this labour of love. Sometimes this support has been financial, sometimes emotional, and sometimes practical! 

We want to acknowledge the unmitigated support we have received in fulfilling our vision, from so many people from across the world. We hope that our experience of living in the spirit of giving and receiving can offer a sense that it is very possible it is to live in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support!