Training Programmes 

Living Bridges offers training programmes as deeper, intensive learning immersions, which take you through a journey that is in-depth into topics related with Nonviolent Communication and Social Change. Each training programme is a unique exploration, supported by tools such as practice groups, peer group or empathy buddy processwork, and self-led exercises. Our training programmes are a good fit for you if:

  • You enjoy sinking your teeth into a topic and going through immersive process work
  • You are looking for an experience that facilitates shifts in your personal growth as well as your relationships and practice
  • You love the idea of journeying over a period of time with a community of like-minded people!


Financials and Scholarships

Our workshops and training programmes are offered at a nominal cost. Your contribution supports us to meet operational costs and support grassroots communities when possible.

Pay It Forward: Please choose an amount that you can offer us joyfully and willingly; anything you offer us above our stated cost will go towards offering scholarships to participants who may not be able to attend otherwise.

Scholarships: We would not like for finances to deter you from attending; if you would like a scholarship to attend, write to us with a short explanation of how a scholarship would support you: [email protected]