How to use your EARs 101: Practice Workshop for Empathy, Awareness, and Response-ability

Manasi Saxena (CNVC Trainer and Board Member; Founder, enCOMPASSion)

Saturday, November 26 | 2 sessions on Nov 26 and 27 | 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST

Manasi Saxena (CNVC Trainer and Board Member; Founder, enCOMPASSion)

Do you ever get stuck in a conversation, despite all your best intentions? Have you ever practiced and practices your communication skills, only to find that "in real life" things are not going quite as smoothly? Wanting to know how to take this "NVC" thing and make it really practical?

We bring you this 2 session workshop, a mini training programme, on How to use your EARs - where EARS stands for:

  • Empathy: The capacity to be with someone's experience with curiosity, and listen to really understand 
  • Awareness: The inner awareness of what's going on inside me, what needs are alive, and what my physical and emotional being is telling me
  • Response-ability: The empowerment to move towards dialogue and respond, instead of react

This 2 session workshop is a culmination of Living Bridges Q1 and Q2. 

In Quarter 1, we learned the four steps of Nonviolent Communication, and in Quarter 2, we learned how to use these four steps for Self Empathy, Empathy, and Expression. This is a workshop that focuses "Fluency" - or flow in a conversation. 

In this workshop, we will weave together the three key capacities - Self-empathy, Empathy, and Expression - and focus on bringing more fluency into our practice and our expression. This means, we will work on the skills practically, and also work to identify where we are in this present moment, and choose consciously where we want to go in the next moment.

This 2-session practice workshop will be held on November 26 and 27 - 2 days, 2 sessions, 5.00-8.00pm IST. 

Join Manasi to weave together the three possible directions of using NVC, through practical exercises.

Bring a live situation, so that we can practice:

  • Self connection through an awareness of needs - with a focus of coming home to a point of choice and discernment
  • Empathy for the other person, even when things are challenging
  • Expressing our truth, coming home to personal power, without compromising on connection
  • And find out own "hooks" to flow between these three space

No prior experience with NVC is necessary to attend this workshop - though some NVC knowledge is always helpful. We encourage you to join this workshop ESPECIALLY if you would like to join our advanced courses in the coming year!

About the Facilitator

Manasi Saxena (Certified Trainer & Board Member, Center for Nonviolent Communication; Founder, enCOMPASSion) is a learning facilitator whose focus lies around the intersection of spiritual/personal growth and social change/community development.

Her passion is to bring what she has learned on the field engaging with emergency relief services and community development to her NVC workshops. Her core focus is to work closely with individuals and communities who are interested in making a social impact in big and little ways, with a vision of moving towards a paradigm of sustainability, collaboration, and resilience through community-driven social change.

Days and Time:

November 26th, 2022 at 2 sessions on Nov 26 and 27 | 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM IST

Please check for your own timezone.


All our weekly workshops are offered in English. If you would like to learn with us in Hindi, please teach out to us on email.

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This workshop is being offered on a sliding scale that starts with INR 2000 (USD 30 approx) to INR 5000 (USD 75 approx). We invite you to choose what you would like to offer us within this range.

Your contribution supports us to meet operational costs and support grassroots communities when possible.

Pay It Forward: Please choose an amount that you can offer us joyfully and willingly; anything you offer us above INR 2000 will go towards offering scholarships to participants who may not be able to attend otherwise.

Scholarships: We would not like for finances to deter you from attending; if you would like a scholarship to attend, write to us with a short explanation of how a scholarship would support you: [email protected]